Featured Clan War attack – TH9 LAVALOON

This week’s video is from our most recent clan war. Watch Lord AroxorA’s Lava Loon strategy! Please like, subscribe and share if you found the video useful.


Author: Busby



Featured clan war attack: TH7.5 strategy with dragons and lightning-earthquake.

This week’s featured video is from our recent clan war. Watch Sir Bungle’s dragon strategy! We also talk about maxing a base before upgrading and the benefits it can bring in clan war. Please like, subscribe and share if you found the video useful.

Author: Busby

Mixing Air and Ground troops

This is a very delicate combination and should only be executed by a CoC war strategist and expert! Here is why: Defence buildings consist of ground and air or both. Now imagine two scenarios, when you bring ground troops only, the air defense is useless and vice versa.

So on that note, clearly it is not wise to bring a combination of both into WAR or when looting! However, there are special circumstances where an opponent has clearly placed ground units on the outer layer of the base and out of the air defence reach.

This allows you to use your air troops to make way for your ground troops. Be warned however these kind of bases are quite rare.

Do you feel otherwise? Please share your thoughts.

Author: Tonykyo


Ice Wizards Video!!

We’ve all been playing around with the limited edition, Clashmas only, Ice Wizard. A cooler looking version of the already dapper Wizard, this character targets defence towers. Watch these blue bearded bad boys take out 10 defence towers:

Author: Busby

Clash of Clans Chrismas treats

When the festive season is upon us, Supercell normally offers a series of events which can all be found in game in the Events tab. These events are a series of giveaways to reward fans. Press the ‘pinned papers’ button found above the settings cog on the right hand side of the game screen and then press the Events tab. We’ll only mention the most important one here:

For the sum of 1 gem you can double your resource collectors production rate for 24 hours. At the time of writing there are only 17H 0M left on this so make the most of this, time is ticking!

Author: Busby