Clan Rules

So you are contemplating to stay and be a part of something great? Basically if you are a team player, we welcome you with both hands! Be our clan next elders and co-leaders, lead other members thus help them to victory!

  • To allow us to grow together we ask that members donate as much as they request.
  • If someone donates troops to you do thank them!
  • Our default donation troops are archers and wizards. (NEW)
    • IF no one has donated what has been requested after 1 hour then donate the default. *For clan war only donate what has been requested.
    • If you have just joined please keep your requests reasonable. We’re a generous clan but we don’t expect new members to be requesting dragons, pekkas and other expensive troops within minutes of joining.
  • When coming online try to say hi and challenge! Challenging is a great way to practice for war and allow others to provide feedback.
  • We’re a mature clan and whilst we don’t mind the odd bit of swearing we don’t expect abusive language or rudeness directed at fellow members. We expect all our members to be respectful to others. Anyone breaking this rule will be kicked out of the clan.
  • Please use English in chat. Whilst we do have international members, we need a common language so that we can all understand each other.
  • DO NOT ask for promotion! Members are promoted based on their donation (subject to change):
    • Elder: 600 donations
    • Co-Leader 1200 donations
  • Once promoted, members earn specific titles:
    • Elder: referred to as Sir or Dame
    • Co-Leader: referred to as Lord or Lady
  • Please do not demand clan war or demand to be included in clan war. Do however politely ask when the next war will or let us know you are interested in taking part.(NEW)
  • Please read clan mails. These contain clan war schedules, clan war advice and periodically remind members of rules.
  • All members must set their clan war preference to ‘I’m IN’ or ‘I’m OUT’ before the weekly war. Anyone who opts in for war but doesn’t use both attacks will be demoted or kicked out of the clan.
  • We expect members to attack seriously in war, use only strongest troops and aim for 3 Stars (minimum 2 Stars). Anyone attacking with BARCH or Goblin heavy armies will be demoted or kicked out.
  • Elders and Co-Leaders will have to uphold the clan rules, view members’ behaviour, warn and take action after 3 failures!

UPDATED: 13/01/2016