Clan War Guidelines

  • War members must have a war base.
    • Clan castles must be inside walls and as central as possible
    • Air defences must be inside walls and preferably in an inner layer i.e. prevent it being destroyed by hogs or wizards.
  • Always attack with clan castle troops.
    • When requesting please state that it is for WAR.
    • Request the highest level troops.
  • TH8 and below, lure clan castle defences first before sending in your main troops.
  • Use both of your attacks. Anyone who opts in for war but doesn’t use both attacks will be demoted or kicked out of the clan – see our clan rules.
  • Select a target you are confident of getting 3 stars with that close to your level. If in doubt do ask a WARLORD.
  • Use higher tier troops i.e. hogs, pekka, golems, valkyrie, dragons, balloons, lavahounds etc.
  • Plan your attack beforehand and build an army to exploit the base’s weakness rather than just attacking with your default army.
  • Frequently check clan chat.