Our Warlords

In our clan we have players who are not only skilled in clan war attacks but who are also consistent, reliable and always support other war members. We call these players WARLORDS. They are chosen by Senior Leaders based on their performance and becoming one is considered to be the a very high achievement within our clan. Our WARLORDS are usually resource rich and their town halls are not rushed. They have advanced levels of high tier troops. WARLORDS always get priority when they opt in for war.

These are our WARLORDS (the list is updated when there are changes and are not in any particular order)

Title Name TH Stars Comment
1 Lord Busby 9 224 Valks specialist
2 Sir Bowie 9 224 Ground troops expert
3 Lord Smichz 9 175 Amusing AQ and BK!
4 Lord EvilBee 9 259 All round superiority
5 Lord AroxorA 9 265 Queen of all trade
6 Sir Bungle 8 130 Quiet but lethal
7 Lady callmeJ 8 12 Lady leader among men
8 Sir LSY (林思 杨) 9 205 Unstopable when determined
9 Lord tonykyo 10 73 Clan Leader & troops supplier

Rising Stars

These players shown great promises and with consistency could be included in the top 10.

Title Name TH Stars Comment
1 Sir Alone 9 224 Valks specialist
2 Milo 8 263 Ground troops expert
3 Sir Punk 8 143 Has potential
4 Lord Alex 8 63 Lethal when on fire!
5 Sir King Charles 10 138 Practice makes perfect

Last Updated: 14/01/2017